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About Creative Quilts

Creative Quilts is dedicated to delivering unique and beautiful products to each of our customers. We believe that a quilt can serve as a simple blanket, but in reality often acts as so many other things: a token of love, a scrap book, a family tree. We specialize in T-shirt Quilts, Anniversary Quilts, Memory Quilts, Baby Quilts, Handkerchief Quilts and Photo Transfer Quilts. Our goal is to provide a quality quilt constructed with love and care, which can be passed on from one generation from the next.
We also offer a selection of ready to purchase items. These are usually quilts that we have made in those spare few moments before our heads hit the pillow every night. We can personalize each one of them to make them uniquely yours.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you create something beautiful - your next quilt.